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Teppanyaki Sauces Recipes

Teppanyaki Soy Sauce

Here are a few simple recipes for Teppanyaki cooking.  We hope you enjoy them!

1) Teppanyaki Soy Sauce

Qty                  Unit                             Ingredient
5                      lit                                 Soy Sauce
1                      kg                                Sliced Onoin
300                  gm                               Sliced Garlic
10                    gm                               Aji no moto

Production:   Boil Soy Sauce,water and Sliced Onion. when it is boiled , remove harshness. Add garlic and Aji. Keep for about 1 week then strain to use.

Ginger Sauce for Table

2) Teppanyaki Ginger Sauce for Table

Qty                  Unit                             Ingredient

1                      lit                                 White wine
1                      lit                                 Sake
2                      lit                                 Mirin
4                      lit                                 Soy Sauce
10                    nos                              Apple
1                      kg                                Onion
500                  gm                               Garlic
500                  gm                               Ginger


Put white wine, Sake and Mirin to boil,burn out alcohol and add Soy sauce. When it is boiled remove  harshness, off the fire and add all above grated item and leave for about 4 hours then strain and keep.

3) Ponzu Sauce for Seafood

Qty                  Unit                             Ingredient

100                  ml                                Vinegar
100                  ml                                Pouzu
100                  ml                                Water
200                  ml                                Soy Sauce
20                   gm,                               Sugar
1                    nos                               Orange


Mix all above items together. Add sliced chilli.

4) Goma Dressing for Salad

Qty                  Unit                             Ingredient

1.2                   lit                                 Vinegar
250                  ml                                Soy Sauce
250                  gm                               Sugar
200                  ml                               Goma Oil
40                    gm                               Goma Seed
2                     tsp                                Yellow musturd
10                    gm                                Aji

Production: Mix all above items and ready for used


Hope you all enjoy these, do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Chef Kenny at The Sushi School

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