We are proud – and of course at the same time equally excited – to announce the launch of our brand NEW website; a site that is dedicated to the advanced Sushi chef training programs and restaurant consultancy services that we now offer throughout the UK and Europe.

This project of ours has been quite a long time in the making, so we truly hope that you all like it!

The increasing demand for Japanese food in the UK and throughout Europe, coupled with the tightening of UK immigration laws, has meant that the demand for well trained and qualified Sushi chefs in the UK has never been more apparent.

Top notch training packages for the professional market is something that has been at the forefront of development here at Your Sushi for quite some time now. Our chefs, with almost a century worth of experience in the Sushi trade between them, have been hard at work for the last 2 months designing a series of training programs and consultancy packages – which that may I add are available in 5 different languages – specifically tailored to the UK and European market.

For a glimpse into the sorts of training programs and consultancy services we are able to offer chefs and business alike, please visit our brand new site www.sushi-school.com

PS – And don’t forget to spend some time flicking through all the beautiful pictures on the homepage. Our designers will be happy that you did!