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Justin is a young and very successful private chef.

He works on one of the top biggest private boat on this planet and has to impress guests everyday! Everything is about healthy food for him and he wanted to learn a lot…and he did very quickly!

He flew from Italy where the boat was  and into London for the 2 days intensive training of Sushi making.  Because each training has usually 2 students to one chef, everyone can really foccuss on what they need to learn and even a beginer will learn a lot in no time. Justin wanted to concentrate on high end Sushi as well as fusion sushi top please the eyes as well as the palate. He was very skilled at fish handling…you would expect that from a chef living on a boat i guess!

Scallops to be opened, cleaned and sliced for Nigiri

Scallops Nigiri Sushi by Justin .

Fusion Sushi by Justin on Day 2

Justin ...now a Super Yacht Sushi Chef!

‘ Manu, Wei and James were a great team, passing on there years of experience and enthusiasm. I’m a professional chef who caters to high end clients on private yachts. I learnt how to make best quality Sushi and Sashimi and the best techniques of traditional and fusion. I will never look at Sushi the same way again.”