Hi Kiyoko,

Both myself and John really enjoyed the class on Saturday afternoon and thought it was money well spent!

The class had a wonderful relaxed feel to it and we felt that it had a great balance of history, demonstrations and time for us to get hands on with all the techniques. The variety and quality of ingredients provided was superb!

Our friends were very impressed with how our bento boxes looked and tasted as were we, it’s great to know that we can invite people over and make them such pretty and great tasting sushi now 🙂

We visited the oriental supermarket on Sunday and stocked up on key ingredients so we can make sushi at home and we’re looking forward to trying some of the other recipes in the PDF, including the dessert ones.

If I had to think of a negative (which I can’t) I’d say it would be useful to know just how much amazing sushi you get to leave the class with as we had so much some of it didn’t get eaten which is a real shame. If we had known the quantities we would be bringing home we would have invited several friends over for dinner that evening! So as you can see, there really is only positive things to say!

Thank you for being such a patient and knowledgeable teacher and for making the class so enjoyable. We will be recommending the course and the company to friends and family.

Thanks again,


Hi Shelly,
Thank you!
Manu & Kiyoko