Both my daughter and I had fantastic time on Saturday.

We thought it just the right length and not too tiring or too much to take in. And there were lots of little things you notice that you probably wouldn’t get from a book or a video like when Kiyoko dips the knife blade and then taps it on the table so the water runs down the edge . . .

You never needed to wait long to have a personal question answered and there were just the right amount of types of sushi to be prepared.

Have praised the course and recommended it to many friends and colleagues

One thing, Kiyoko – I think you must have angered the great god Tesco-San . . . I went along to our nearest (Tesco Ultra) on Sunday only to find they’d stopped stocking sushi ingredients and rolling mats since the previous week! Never mind, there’s a Thai supermarket in Canterbury; sushi rice in 11kg bags!

So Arigatō and sayōnara

Jeffrey and Katherine