Sally’s Hen night…Sushi Making Master Chef Competition!

“Thank you for a fab hen party class last weekend! All the girls absolutely loved it, had lots of fun, great teaching and lots of sushi to eat/take home! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you!”

Sally’s Hen night was pretty cool.
Before i turned up, they were all dressed up as Disney characters and arriving there was quite surreal at first sight!
When Sally turned up (she had no idea a Sushi Master Chef class was going to happen), she saw me and thought I was a waiter in the buff or something…you should have seen the look on her face…priceless!
A split second later, she got it seeing the lovely food and workstations laid out and relaxed! Everyone was ready to make their amazing Sushi feast before going out.
After having been given my own apron (which i will keep, i promess!), a 2 hours fun and very hands on sushi class took place in the lounge. Lots of vegetarian Sushi and also some more traditional options were created and Sally and everyone did a fantastic job.
The wining team got some sushi goodies and the hen a lovely Sushi making kit with hangiri and sushi making dvd; everyone also received a copy of our my Sushi making dvd.
Well done Mademoiselle and i am sure tonight there will be some leftover sushis…so no kebab hey!

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