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I spent two months in Seychelles working closely with the IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Tagging project)…well mostly enjoying myself…i did not do much work at all and that was amazing!

Making Sushi in Seychelle is harder as the weather is hot and the rice is harder to cool down…still!

We went fishing with a couple of local friends and caught a Big Barracuda as well as a wahoo fish …both big and scarry but YUMMMY!!!

They were huge and it took a while to descale these babies…i actually had to use the bath tub to do this, they were to big!

It was a weird sight, in a pink bath tub…in Seychelles with a Wahoo & a Barracuda…seriously weird… but we got there in the end.


Back at the house, over-looking the sea in Beau Vallon, friends started turning up early and everyone ended up participating in the Sushi making with a few drinks…oh my giddy aunt!

After prepping the rice and chopping some local vegies, including avocados about 5-6 times the size of the UK ones…it was time for the fish!

A lot of lovely Sushi came out of this as well as some amazing Sashimi. Wasabe tortoise and other cool local shapes were created by the girls & that made the Sushi platters looking very cool!

No Sake but some “Bacca”…the local brew…dangerous stuff!

Note: Straight off the boat, we actually walked through the forest guided by a local fisherman for 30 minutes to get to a hidden brewerie to get this Bacca…cool souvenir too.


After that…i have no clear memories of what happened…but i know it was a good night!


There was no better place on earth to make Sushi…when you are there…it’s hard to foccus and not let yourself drift into happiness…

OOOOhhhhh Mahe, La Digue, Praslin!